Bones in the yard

Bones in the yard

It doe not mean that old man Carver has not been involved in skullduggery, he just does not leave it lying in his front yard. My daily cartoon.

Chilly Reception

Chilly Reception

What they don’t realize is that the pets were trying to turn the house into a winter wonderland while they were out. My daily cartoon.

Paying for the extras

Paying for the extras

well they add a bit of weight, but the bells and whistle do sound nice I guess. My daily cartoon.

Fly boot camp

Fly boot camp

The way they dodge my fly swatter I am beginning to wonder. My daily cartoon.

Old fashion one on one

Old fashion one on one

he is their all around sporting arena….basketball, table hockey, tennis…you name it they have found a way to play it. My daily cartoon.

The steel jaws of love

The steel jaws of love

You should have taken the clue she left you….finding a calendar stapled to your chest that morning. My daily cartoon.

Doing what’s best for the peasants

Doing what's best for the peasants

Not only have they changed the oil they use, but they also taken to using whole wheat bran muffins in the catapults. which in addition to having more fiber, can also break through the stoutest walls. My daily cartoon.


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