That fish tank in the chiropractor’s office

No underlying message, its just that our chiropractor’s waiting room fish tank has a high mortality rate so I am wondering if one of these are floating around in there.That fish tank in the doctors office

Rat dragger

Imagine his owner’s reaction to finding this on the foot of the bed. Rat dragger

Vlad the Vulture’s diet

Vlad also like to check and see if his prey has eaten any vegetables, fruits or legume recently so he can claim he eating a well rounded diet.

Vulture's diet

Unconvinced lion

His main problem is getting that lion tamer taste out of his mouth.Unconvinced lion

Not Seeing Eletric Eye To Electric Eye

Fillup always hate being in the middle of theses kinds of arguments.not seeing eletric eye to electric eye

Hi Fishing

I am still not certain how I got this idea….it came to me sitting in a chiropractor’s waiting room and staring at his fish tank. hi_fishing

Worst job on the Death Star

And he has to order those cans of sanitizers by the gross.Worst job on the Death Star


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