Terrible things can come in small packages

She rules the neighborhood with an iron claw. My daily cartoon

.Terrible things can come in small packages

Misnamed gun

So they put it up on their trophy shelf. My daily cartoonMisnamed gun

Tipping the seal

He got the idea when him and his trainer stopped by a coffee shop. My daily cartoon.Tipping the seal

Wounded horse

Yes, it is a surprise that a horse can earn an accounting degree when all he can do is hunt and peck with those hooves. My daily cartoon

.Wounded horse

The Infamous Nag Fish

one of the few fish that can actually nag another back from the dead. My daily cartoonthe infamous nag fish

Booted Walker

Its only for a couple days, they caught him trying to install a cowcatcher to the front of his walker. My daily cartoon.booted walker

Paint marks

In fact, when his family wake up that morning they all found “MINE” spray painted on their bellys. Paint marks


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