Ball pit encounters

A place even “Jacques Cousteau” would probably be nervous about exploring. My cartoon.Ball pit encounters

For your perusal

I know its not a cartoon, but I am trying my skill-set a bit. My creature. For your perusal 2

Mixed Strategies

That or maybe you stopped picking fights with the local alley cats. my cartoon.mixed strategies

Automotive kickback

What’s worst is when they follow you around the lot kicking and missing, cause you know their getting more and more angry. My cartoon

Automotive kickback

Muting the voices



That or unconsciousness which ever shows up first. My cartoon.Muting the voices


The legendary journey to the washing machine

And this is one of the reason I did not father children, eventually they would have killed me in my sleep. My cartoon.

The legendary journey to the washing machine

A smellograph

Yes, it produces scratch and sniff pics. My cartoon

.A smellograph


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