Daily Sketch 96 – Squirrel Do

Gary is so trying to keep with up with latest styles, this week in trying to be a trendsetter he broke out with the the “squirrel pompadour”.daily sketch 96

Daily Sketch 95 – The Robin and the Skull

Sometimes even when there is a “do not feed the birds’ sign you may want to just to create a diversion when you make a run for the exit. daily sketch 95

Daily Sketch 94 – Statue in the shadows

A freehand ink and wash sketch of a statue in the cemetery that I took a picture of a couple of years ago. I screwed up on the proportion but I still like it, don’t me why. daily sketch 94

Daily Sketch 93 – Cat in a tube

Our cats have not pull this stunt yet…just give them time.daily sketch 93

Daily Sketch 92 – That wall needed a window anyway

Who know maybe Santa was a little worried I would put an eye out or worse…..I mainly wanted for the bullies anyway, nothing changes their world view then a fourteen year old with a device that level whole neighborhoods.daily sketch 92

Daily Sketch 91 – Bella in ink

My wife’s parent’s dog Bella a Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix. This was a very quick ink sketch because the little dog is just full of so much energy so if she is sitting for even a couple of minutes is a blessing.

daily sketch 91

Daily Sketch 90 – Catstract

I was experimenting with some effects after sketching our cat who was sitting at the edge of the window drinking in the morning sunlight. It came out a little abstract but still fun to work on.daily stretch 90


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