Daily Sketch 24 – The new sea dog on board

You wouldn’t tell by looking at him but beyond being a murderous cur, he also has a bachelors in accounting and play a mean harmonica.daily sketch 24

Daily Sketch 23 – Happy cat or cats?

Sketching our cat Tibbs on the bed when she decides to move her head so I kept drawing enjoydaily sketch 23

Daily Sketch 22 – Chihuahua pile

My wife’s cousin brought her two dogs over with her when she was visiting my wife. I observed her two dogs lying in a pile like this I quickly snapped a picture with my phone.daily sketch 22

Daily Sketch 21 – So whose the Alpha now?

Yes, I know this cartoon has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. My mind was blanking on a Thanksgiving image and this cartoon came to me while I was driving around doing errands. I do wish everybody a happy thanksgiving and hope you all can find things in your lives to be thankful for. Please enjoy my little effort of humor.

daily sketch 21

Daily Sketch 20 – two old friends

Its amazing what you can produce with an old Ironhorse brewery growler and two old Halloween decorations.

daily sketch 20

Daily Sketch 19 – catnip addiction need the fix

Your head keeps snapping to the left, your purring backwards and squeezing the rubber mouse won’t hack it anymore. Its time find where they hid the catnip.daily sketch 19

Daily Sketch 18 – My Victorian cyborg vampire

You never know what’s going back in those days so why take chances. Let your bionic limb do the drinking first, then analyze, and bag it for later meals.

daily sketch 18


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