Ds 191-Hitting the sweet spot

after several hours of scratching, rubbing and forcing pets out of her owners, Blossom finally found her sweet spot.ds-191

Ds 189 – Big medicine for big headache

Been fighting really bad sinus headaches lately so this is how I have been feeling of late. Yes, my brain does feel like its trying to break out.


Ds 187 – Safe in her box asleep

Our asleep in her box ignoring the world. God forbid sister should try to enter to both girls this is a one cat bed area.

DS 187

Ds 186 – Precarious sunbather

Its an interesting sight as every twenty or thirty minutes she crawls a little bit forward so everything gets a bit of sunlight…the sad part is when she decides to sun her belly and rolls to her left which does not bode well for a three and a half inch wide kitty and a two inch wide window ledge. DS 186

Ds 185 – The party animal has arrived.

Nathan is great at parties but just don’t invite him during the hay fever season. One sneeze and every person in the room is likely to be injured by flying nuts.DS 185

Ds 184 – Its almost hypnotic

Haven’t you encounter that you don’t know if you love or hate it, for the cat it speak to her as it goes up and down and back up again.DS 184

Ds 183 – Buddy’s me time

The family had lowered the hanging lamp to change its bulb and forgot to raise it back up then they went out for dinner. With them gone all Buddy needed now was to get the lights to hit his eye right and the fan on. Now he was in his world moon behind him, wind blowing through his hair and he is perched on a hill ready to howl to his pack. Just don’t want to get too carried away last the neighbors called animal control concern that he had either injured himself or was trapped in one of the rooms and was need of assistants.DS 183