Daily Sketch 144 – Would he go to eDisharmony?

Just remember Johnny went you finally meet that somebody special to bring the asbestos lined prophylactic and a nice wine (something that good well Hellfire).

daily sketch 144

Daily Sketch 143 -Statues beware

A little known variety of sphinx is this rare mixture of pigeon and lion. Unfortunately, because of the addition of pigeon to the mix they grow no larger then a big house cat (which at times can be a little big but, not equal to their cousin in Greece which can be as large as a lion). While, they also try to befuddle heroes with riddle it all sounds like a cooing meow. Heroes have found they can distract these critters with a mixture of catnap and breadcrumbs. Lastly, you really don’t want them to gather into a glaring flock around a statue, because they will do what cats and pigeons do….the stench will be horrendous.

daily sketch 143

Daily Sketch 142 – What did I forget this time.

What seems a lifetime ago the relaxing bath-time was anything but…I was always remembering things after getting into the water…where’s the snack I had fixed for myself, where’s the remote for the television that I had somehow moved so I could watch it while remaining in the tub, where’s the 48 ounce cup of hot coffee which by the time I found it was the temperature of tap water. I always felt like I was magically transported to some bad seventies situational comedy, then just when I got everything just righty (including adding more hot water to the tub since it had cooled to tepid) the land line phone rings……daily sketch 142

Daily Sketch 141 – The monkey paw

Living the up in the hills with kith and kin. Less likely to hurl magical curses then to shot at trespassers with a shotgun full of rock-salt. He is nonetheless very protective of his family and just wishes people would stop showing up at his doorstep looking to be granted magical wishes.

daily sketch 141

Daily Sketch 140 – Ichabod

I love the series (Sleepy Hollow), I will try to draw Grace Abigail (Abbie Mills) in the future. My ability of capturing likenesses is still not where I want it and I want to do her image justice.daily sketch 140

Daily Sketch 139 – Preparing words for consumption

I hate when I swallow my words and they don’t agree with me, because, I know that I will end up throwing up some badly digested words.

daily sketch 139

Daily Sketch 138 – Lying in the tree

Every once in a great while, we all have these sort of days. Where you just hang in your personal tree sip the coffee (or whatever beverage that spins your hula hoop) and watch the world spinning below you.

daily sketch 138


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