Ds 196-The masked car thieves

So this is what you get when you cleverly think to put cinder block on your garbage cans lids so the raccoons can’t raid them, though as a after note they were kind enough to refill the tank after they returned my car.


Ds 195-The Gopher lives

A pencil sketch using H2, H, B and B4 pencils. The subject is a old Caddyshack dancing gopher they sold in the mall. ds-195

Ds 193-Rules are rules

Yes I know, but he not the Vlad the Impaler….this was a lessor known Vlad, Vlad the Puncturer, formerly a semi-successful acupuncturist from the ¬†outskirts of Los Angeles. This is a redrawing of a drawing I did previously when I first started posting my cartoons. Hope you enjoy.


Ds 192- A little magic…very little magic

Neillin, Merlin’s younger not as well known brother, though he still has a few tricks up his sleeves. as well as, myriad of playing cards, some trick dice, a set of handcuffs he lost the keys to and a rabbit still tripping from the seventies.


Ds 191-Hitting the sweet spot

after several hours of scratching, rubbing and forcing pets out of her owners, Blossom finally found her sweet spot.ds-191

Ds 189 – Big medicine for big headache

Been fighting really bad sinus headaches lately so this is how I have been feeling of late. Yes, my brain does feel like its trying to break out.


Ds 187 – Safe in her box asleep

Our asleep in her box ignoring the world. God forbid sister should try to enter to both girls this is a one cat bed area.

DS 187