Ds 202-Composure

She just needs to go to her happy space….a dark cramp tight happy place. With our there something special and fun watching them trying so hard to stay composed while the world goes crazy around them.


Ds 201-The Hulk helpless

A quick pencil sketch of the Hulk crying on Valkyrie’s shoulder once he accepted the woman he loved was truly dead(from the issue 207 The Incredible Hulk). It was for me one of the more moving image from the Hulk comics.


Ds 200-Working one box at a time

Not only is it a very different chapeau, it also serves as a shield against bothersome office based missiles ie. paper clips, spit wads and the always annoying extra large office rubber bands.


Ds 199 Buffalo wild wings good eats

Deborah and I went out this evening to Buffalo wild wings for dinner. I caught myself channeling one of those crotchety old cowboys from the westerns of the fifties. My loving wife gave me a polite smile with a ever so slight rolling the eyes “with love”. I got myself their “spicy garlic mix with the hot Thai curry” a delicious slap in the face of heat that cleaned out the sinuses.




Ds 198-Loved Kubo and the two strings

Laika and his studio are true masters of a dying craft. Watching this and his other movies you forget it’s stop motion. A movie I strongly recommend. Yes, I know that not the monkey from Kubo but I love the character of a photo I found online.ds-198

Ds 197-Kitty’s not into headwear

Sorry I wanted to post this yesterday but our wifi keep having problems. So happy post Merry Christmas wishes.


Ds 196-The masked car thieves

So this is what you get when you cleverly think to put cinder block on your garbage cans lids so the raccoons can’t raid them, though as a after note they were kind enough to refill the tank after they returned my car.