One sweet ride

It worked for dad in the fifties so it should be good for Jr.

daily sketch 102517


Cleaning by dawn

Its always hard to get all those stubborn valiant werewolf hunters bits from between your fangs and don’t get me started about walking around the whole next day dealing with people breath.

daily sketch 102017

Classic movie monster Nosferatu

Since we are in the month of October I have decided to do some of classic monsters. Begining with the silent movie classic Nosferatu.

daily sketch 101817

Still life with random objects

Going back to daily sketches now experimenting with different mediums. This is a still life sketch with a collection of objects…a helping hands tool with magnifying glass, a halloween cup with a mummy face and a little gargoyle statue freehand sketch using just a plain ink pen.

daily sketch 101717

Riding adventure with the wife

My wife and I were taking my mom to the base for her monthly shopping trip, when we cut off by another driver this how I saw the event unfolding.

I watched in amazement as my wife having been cutoff by another driver suddenly sunk her fingernails into the roof of the car and ripped open a hole, climbing onto the roof of the car. There was that, oh shit! moment as our Nissan van swerved into the next lane. I grabbed the steering wheel righting the cars direction, as I was doing that, I could see mom in the rearview mirror strapping on her crash helmet. The van’s momentum buckled briefly as my wife launched herself forward and landing on the car (a pale brown Ford mustang) ahead of us, resulting in a thunderous crashing before she took a deep breath and leap to the next car. A cavalcade of jetsam and flotsam bounced off the windshield…rearview mirrors, license plates, the occasional rear bumpers. I swerved to the the left then to the right evading the burning trail left behind by my wifes rampage. In the distance through the fire and smoke I watched as she leaped from the last wrecked car slamming into the offending (a beige 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner) whose undercarriage hung so low that sparks poured out thick enough to be mistaken for an industrial fourth of July display. They rolled together several yards before crashing into a boarded up outlet store, one of many that dotted the side of the highway. I pulled our van to the shoulder of the road looking into the burning wreckage, so hot I could see the surrounding pavement being hungrily licked by the flames. I could make out the silhouette of a figure stepping through the smoke and fire. My wife stepped of the conflagration, proudly holding aloft the headlight of her prey… and this is why I don’t make comments while my wife drives.

Ds 202-Composure

She just needs to go to her happy space….a dark cramp tight happy place. With our there something special and fun watching them trying so hard to stay composed while the world goes crazy around them.


Ds 201-The Hulk helpless

A quick pencil sketch of the Hulk crying on Valkyrie’s shoulder once he accepted the woman he loved was truly dead(from the issue 207 The Incredible Hulk). It was for me one of the more moving image from the Hulk comics.