Be My Friend

Inspired by a friend’s AD&D character (barbarian halfling) that years ago using the old rules beat a dragon into submission all the while screaming “Be my friend” over and over again. be my friend

Lemming beyond his time

Sorry, every time I drive to work I can see the Lemmings. Lemming beyond his time

Farm animal’s pranks

Farm animal's pranks

Bev will get her revenge, when she wakes up.

Homonym oops

Homonym oops

And it took them hours to get Jane out of the toy section.

Zeus he’s not

Yes, yes I do….

Zeus he's not

That fish tank in the chiropractor’s office

No underlying message, its just that our chiropractor’s waiting room fish tank has a high mortality rate so I am wondering if one of these are floating around in there.That fish tank in the doctors office

Rat dragger

Imagine his owner’s reaction to finding this on the foot of the bed. Rat dragger


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